Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armenian Style Grape Leaves

Inspired by the grape leaves at Eastern Lamejun in Belmont. I grew up eating them, they got more expensive by the minute, and I thought I could never duplicate the blend of spices. I finally wised up and simply googled 'Armenian Grape Leaves', and lo, a recipe that comes out just as good.

Simple enough: saute onion with cumin and allspice, some salt, add a little tomato past and enough water to parcook the rice and give it some bulk. Roll and pack them tightly, weigh down with a plate so they don't unravel, and simmer a good long time so they get soft and expand. Stack in serving container and cover with olive oil and lemon juice.

Pictures here of my rolling station in front of the TV (doesn't even take that long), pan waiting for cooking, and finished grape leaves, nearly perfect with a single exploded unit covering the rest with rice.

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