Friday, June 25, 2010

But Is It Fresh?

My buddy and neighbor Bob Viau, of Studio VO, caught a couple of stripers down at the Cripple Cove playground the other week -- the same place I caught my trophy mackerel noted elsewhere. He did his time, sitting patiently from 7:00 with cut bait until the stripers came through at 11:00 PM, and gave me a couple of fillets the next morning.

I cut some up immediately for ceviche -- fresh lime juice, palm sugar, red chili peppers, and a touch of fish sauce. Marinade for an hour or so, and best served with tortillas for a nice texture contrast and added salt.
I dusted the rest lightly with barbecue rub, and pan fried that night, served with a little lemon. You can't find better. Thanks, Bob.

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