Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exploded Codfish

My locavore version of yam pla dook foo (Thai exploded catfish salad).  I used big cortland apples from Marshall's farm stand instead of green papaya, and cod trimmings from Connelly's seafood instead of catfish.  

Deep fry and tease apart the cod until it's reduced to crackling.  Julienne the apple and dress with fish sauce, lime juice, hot pepper, and palm sugar.  Serve the fish cracklings and apple salad separately, and mix just as you eat them.   This dish has met to rave reviews from my most discriminating friends, and I have been requested to make it for guests this weekend.  Shout out to Bret Thorn, who introduced me to exploded catfish (and plenty of other tasty stuff) in Bangkok.

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