Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Devolution of the Fish

Fileting a nine pound cod from the docks, with my current favorite knife. It's a cheap Thai cleaver; notice the four quarters taped to the handle for balance (so I guess it cost me $8.50, not $7.50). A beautiful filet and the knife I used to skin it; a Yanagi from Shinichi Watanabe (watanabeblade.com).

Cooking trick that made me proud: set the oven shelf so high the bottom of a steel roasting pan nearly seals against the roof of the oven, and use the 'high broil' setting. Inside the roasting pan becomes an inferno. I put in cast iron serving platter, wait intil it's smokin' hot (about ready when the wife complains and I have to open doors to the outside), and drop in the fish, covered in mirepoix, 10 min before it's time to eat. Comes out perfect. When cod is this fresh, and cooked just right, it has the taste and texture of scallop.

Leftovers picked over for bones and mixed with mayo tarted up with fresh lemon juice, a touch of zest, and the remaining mirepoix veggies. Classic presentation as seafood salad roll, with grilled (admittedly whole wheat) hotdog bun, lettuce, and steak fries. Mmmmm.

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