Thursday, January 21, 2010

Same Words, Different Tune

The cereal is pronounced 'oogie', where cookie is 'oogiah'. It's the Israeli version of 'Cookie Crisp', but Oogie is cooler because it's shilled by a rapping alligator.

The snack food is 'bisli', which translates to 'my bite'. This is barbecue flavor, and while Kosher Parve (can be eaten with meat or dairy) it has a flavor any American would recognize as artificial bacon. They were first given to me by orthodox, Yeshiva, strictly Kosher relatives, and I laughed until I cried after my first bite. 'Bacon! They taste like Bacon!'. I was dying.

Unrelated to food, but also cracked me up so I have to share: Israelis -- who have very little ice game experience -- call curling the Custodian's Sport, because of all the sweeping.

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