Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show Me The Shells

Garlic simmered in olive oil and butter, thin sliced leek, a little parsley... add some cooking sherry, add the clams, the shrimp just as the clams steam open. A little salt, maybe a little extra butter... over steaming pasta. Cures what ails you on a winter day. And the Aftermath.

Giladi's Chicken

Favorite Chicken of my six year old. Thin sliced, soy sauce marinade, smoking hot oiled skillet. Not done right without a little char. Best with pasta or rice.

Revenge of the Flatbreads

Did I not say I wouldn't put another flatbread up here? Well, the pizza dough called to me in the market yesterday, I rolled it out flat (with the help of my six year old, who exponentially multiplied the time and mess), did the ol' 'smokin' cast iron/roasting pan sealed to the broiler' trick and got some of them to puff. Three pics: fresh from the oven, eclipsing wife, and with cold leftover salmon and extra blackening spice.


Leftover schnitzel, lettuce, a litle mayo, the ubiquitous hot sauce, and some big chunks of a perfectly ripe avocado on toasted whole grain bread. I'm ready to go make another one just looking at that picture.

Smoked Tuna Omelet

You know, my spell check says it's omelet, but I think omelette is so much prettier. Smoked tuna sliced thin, and in an omelet with caramelized onion and a little cream cheese, and I think some dill or something.

Native Shrimp II

Cooked whole, rapidly over high heat, with crushed garlic, hot pepper, and olive oil. Eaten peel and eat, or just shell on. Yummy.

That's Not An Onion Roll. THIS Is An Onion Roll

Onion roll from Kupel's. I mean, just look at how packed that thing is. I almost added insult to injury by getting one from the local Stop and Shop. They took a big hit when the Market Basket opened down the street. Their onion rolls are anemic by comparison. Like they wave an onion over it or something.


Green Rice Crispy Treats on a whim for St. Paddy's day. Wierded my kids out, but not so much that they didn't eat them, you bet.

How Do You Like Them Apples

Well, I didn't, and neither did my kids. My wife got them at Target (apples from Target? please...), so I baked them before they could get moldy, ran it over a vegetable grater, added some cinnamon and voila, applesauce.

A Pretty Thing

Sauce for blackened salmon in the making. Palm sugar, fish sauce, plenty of limes and thai chilis. Like buffalo wings, when it's in the zone, it's too hot to eat but too good to stop.

It *is* Spring

Vegan Spring Rolls. Shredded lettuce, carrot, scallion, Vietnamese Basil, and bean thread simmered with vegetarian boullion for salt and umame. Two dipping sauces: mustard dill, and peanut/sweet chili pepper/fish sauce blend. All yummy.

wheatberry tabouleh

Wheatberries boiled soft, diced tomato, minced garlic and purple onion, a bunch of shredded parsley, and a dressing of salt, pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil. Taste of the mideast in my kitchen. Good with hot sauce or diced chilis.

changing of the guard

I just swapped out my old bottle of sri racha for a new one. I'm going to see how long it takes this time. I want to think I go through one a month because I'm such a tough guy, but it probably lasted six months. New bottle cutting its teeth on hard boiled eggs this morning.