Thursday, July 15, 2010

But Is It Fresh, Part II: The Mackerel

Took my 6 year old for his first walk to see the fishes and maybe buy dinner from Mr. Dave Wright at Atlantic Banks Fisheries. These Mackerel called to me. They just called to me. Mackerel are so damned beautiful to begin with, and they were so fresh ('How fresh were they?!') They were so fresh, the eyes still had that translucent half light, actually the retina magnified by the lens. Double click on the fish heads and look closely. It's a little ghostly, and fades hours after death.

Here's my boy holding the fresh fish, fish heads, and a lens I dissected out for your edification, at fingertip and on the table. I almost ate it, but not quite (crystal caviar from mackerel eyes... someone could make a fortune).

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