Monday, August 15, 2011

Comfort Food For A Rainy Day

I had to drive past Chinatown on 93 this morning, not enough time to stop, and I needed my noodle fix in this wet weather.

The noodles: thin hong-kong style par-cooked noodles, a freezer staple for me. I go to Chinatown when I run out. Running out of noodles is like running out of bread. Anyway, boiled al dente and -- this is important -- rinsed well in cold water. Starch is what makes your noodles stick, so wash off the extra. Plus, you don't want it to cook any further until it hits

The Broth: totally off the cuff, and off the shelf. Start with -- sigh -- chicken and vegetable bouillions and canned broth. Bring on the Asian backbone with star anise, fresh ginger and garlic off the microplane, dried abalone mushrooms (another shelf staple), fried shallots, palm sugar syrup and a spoonful of black bean and oil chili (pictured), for the glutamates (soy and yes, the msg).

Nu, put your cooled al dente noodles in a bowl with shredded greens and scallion, and top with broth. Add more oil chili or a squirt lime for bite, or more shredded ginger if you have a cold.

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