Friday, November 20, 2009

Jack and Jill

There was this kid's magazine when I was little, Jack and Jill, that had a food page, and more than once they recommended a hot dog with peanut butter. My kids wouldn't eat a fried hotdog, preferring the blemishless skin of a microwaved dog, and I couldn't throw them out. Slapped them down on a fresh roll with natural peanut butter, and -- inspiration -- that sweet thai chili sauce that's perfect for this, basically a hot pepper and garlic jelly. And generic diet cream soda, they should ban that stuff.
They're not half bad, and I didn't have to throw out the hotdog or hide it in my next batch of stuffed quahogs. If you think it's wierd, I bet you wouldn't flinch at a beef satay. Unless you're a vegetarian in which case, yeah. It's gross.

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