Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Mighty Fisherman

The playground closest to my house has ocean on two sides at high tide. When my kids were smaller, I kept a saturday night special of a fishing rod tucked in the stroller, a snub nosed child's model strung with 12 pound test. Anyway, one day it was high tide and the mackerel were just slamming off the playground, and the baitfish were so packed in desperation that I caught them by hand. I managed to get two - of course, someone probably could have kidnapped my kids while I tried -- and brought them home victorious, double jogger in one hand and bloody fish in the other. My wife, who thinks fish come in little plastic packages, was satisfyingly disgusted. I tried to filet them, which was silly. Where I live, fish this size are called 'bait'.

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